Lauren Nominated for NEMA

In an article featured on, Lauren talks about her NEMA nomination & a little bit about her journey to Nashville.

“When I first found out I was nominated, I was floored,” said Lauren, who was in New York for a musical audition at the time. “Between the audition and getting nominated, life couldn’t get any better,” she recalled.

Lauren said that winning the award is not all that important to her, but the exposure that comes along with the nomination is great.
“More than anything,” she said, “I’m honored to even be considered.”

Her record was crafted with the help of Nashville-based producer Shay Watson, who organized a group of studio musicians to be the foundation behind Lauren’s vocals. The songs were chosen to help showcase the young singer’s range, with sounds shifting from country to pop and ballads with a final track that has a strong bluesy character.

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