‘Holidaze’ Lands Lauren Lizabeth on Spotify Christmas Playlist

Holidaze Spotify Country List

Lauren Lizabeth’s new song, “Holidaze,” is in some high-caliber company on Spotify’s Women of Country playlist – joining works from Reba, Lady Antebellum, Kelly Clarkson, Meghan Trainor, Jennifer Nettles, and Kellie Pickler.

The Christmas song was released on November 1, just as Lauren’s single, “To Be Young,” entered its ninth week on the Billboard Country Indicator chart.

An upbeat number about the crazy-making power of new love, Holidaze puts Lauren’s voice upfront, with a bouncy piano track and saxophone accents. Lauren co-wrote the song with John Martin Keith and Shay Watson, her manager and frequent writing collaborator.

“So many ways you make me crazy,” she sings, “I’m in a Holidaze.”

Lauren has plenty to celebrate. New markets continue to pick up and play, “To Be Young.” “Light a Match,” watch for the release of her second single from the EP to radio in early 2017. And Holidaze puts her among some of today’s most high-profile women in country on Spotify.

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‘To Be Young’ Debuts on Billboard Country Indicator Chart


(post updated 11/21/2016)
‘To Be Young,’ Lauren Lizabeth’s first single from her 7-song EP released earlier this year, charted on August 22.

The song continues to gain momentum, entering its 12th week on the Billboard Country Indicator Chart just ahead of Thanksgiving. As of mid-November, it was getting airplay on at least 145 country radio stations.

“To Be Young” also is the title of the EP, which chronicles a post-breakup emotional rollercoaster. The title song is an anthem to moving on and living life to its fullest.

The single, which Lauren co-wrote with Shay Watson and Bill Whyte, marks the artist’s first time on the Billboard charts. She has moved to Nashville and is in the midst of a radio tour with on-air performances and interviews, hitting about two major country music markets each week.

“Light a Match,” the second single from the EP will be released to radio early in 2017, and watch for writers’ night performances in Greater Nashville and tour dates!

Lauren Lizabeth’s ‘To Be Young’ EP and Title Song Mark New Phase

To Be Young EP 2016

With new songwriting confidence and life experience to fuel the writing, artist Lauren Lizabeth has released “To Be Young,” a 7-song EP, with 9North Records.

“To Be Young,” the title single, was released on March 21, 2016.

Lauren co-wrote all of the songs, which explore far-ranging emotions following the end of a relationship. At first, Lauren says, she didn’t realize the EP was the story of a breakup because she was simply writing what she felt.

Writing the songs was part of her healing process. At one point, the idea for “Light a Match” came to her, and she sat down on her bed and cried for a few minutes. Then the writing took over.

Now graduated from Marymount Manhattan College with a degree in musical theater, Lauren is devoting her full attention to her career as an artist. That includes diving into the structure of songwriting and embracing the discipline, common throughout contemporary Country music, of co-writing.

“I prefer writing with other people,” she says. “I find it flows better.”

This is Lauren Lizabeth’s third EP. As for this phase, she calls it “Lauren 2.0”

EP writing credits:

  • To Be Young and Bang My Drum: Lauren Lizabeth, Shay Watson, & Bill Whyte
  • Every Single Night, The Beginning of the End, Light A Match, City of Lights, and I Hear That: Lauren Lizabeth, Shay Watson, and Bill DiLuigi

Another ‘first’ coming up for Lauren!

When Lauren Lizabeth returns to the recording studio in this spring, the EP lineup will mark another first – credit as a cowriter on all the songs.

She hasn’t disclosed much about the upcoming project, her third EP, but did say she was excited about adding her own writing voice to her singing voice in a recent interview.

Lauren again will work with producer Shay Watson, a Nashville songwriter, producer and artist who she met through a family friend. “We sent him a demo and four years later we’ve done two EPs and will be working on a third,” Lauren told The Iceman, a Rhode Island country radio personality, in January.

Shay Watson is producer for several of his own artists and has written songs for bands and solo performers alike. Among others, Sidewalk Prophets, Sonicflood, DC Talk’s (and Newsboys)’s Michael Tait and James Clay have recorded his songs, as has his own duo, “Watson & Nash.”

For Lauren’s first two projects – the self-titled debut EP in 2011 and “Home” in 2013 – Shay selected songs and studio musicians to showcase Lauren’s range. She also was a collaborator on “Christmas Extravaganza,” a 14-song collection featuring Shay Watson and Friends.

Multiple television shows and networks, including TBN, ESPN, NBC and Fox Sports, have used Shay’s music. The Young and the Restless featured the song “Now;” Nickelodeon’s Hollywood Heights used “Ready to Fall;” and Big Tips Texas on MTV used “Song Long.”

Prior to his career as a producer and solo artist, Shay was a member of Ten Mile Drive, a three-piece progressive acoustic group, from 2002-2005.

Lauren told The Iceman she hopes to start recording in late May.

Lauren Named in Top 40 Best New Country Countdown

For Lauren Lizabeth, 2015 got off to a boot-stomping start as she scored her first live radio interview and landed a spot in the Top 40 Best New Country Countdown of a popular Rhode Island country radio show host. In addition to making the Top 40 list, Lauren was asked to play live in studio. She played a countrified version of Adele’s Someone Like You

The song “Love and Bullets” grabbed the attention of listeners and The Iceman, Bobby Golomboski, of bestcountryradio.com, who also played the track during his interview with Lauren on January 19. The track is one of five on her debut, self-titled EP, which was released in 2011.

Lauren announced that she and Nashville producer Shay Watson are working on song selection for her third EP with recording to start in May. Home, Lauren’s second EP, was released in late 2013.

A junior at Marymount Manhattan College, Lauren told The Iceman she’s focused on finishing college rather than touring but continues to write songs and play the guitar, “getting ready to go at it.”

Her studies as a musical theater major also support her development as a country music artist, she said.

“Right now success for me is not necessarily being famous, but getting grassroots support and a good social media following, getting it out there as soon as possible but keep it small while in college.”

Like The Iceman, Lauren is a Rhode Island native. She told the radio personality that Carrie Underwood was an early inspiration in picking country as the genre to pursue and continues to be so.

“What I like is the family aspect of country music,” Lauren said. “Everyone supports each other and raises each other up.”

The Iceman’s The Top 40 New Country Artist Countdown show airs live on Mondays at 7 p.m. Central (8 p.m. Eastern Time).

Lauren Nominated for NEMA

In an article featured on ricentral.com, Lauren talks about her NEMA nomination & a little bit about her journey to Nashville.

“When I first found out I was nominated, I was floored,” said Lauren, who was in New York for a musical audition at the time. “Between the audition and getting nominated, life couldn’t get any better,” she recalled.

Lauren said that winning the award is not all that important to her, but the exposure that comes along with the nomination is great.
“More than anything,” she said, “I’m honored to even be considered.”

Her record was crafted with the help of Nashville-based producer Shay Watson, who organized a group of studio musicians to be the foundation behind Lauren’s vocals. The songs were chosen to help showcase the young singer’s range, with sounds shifting from country to pop and ballads with a final track that has a strong bluesy character.

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