Lauren Named in Top 40 Best New Country Countdown

For Lauren Lizabeth, 2015 got off to a boot-stomping start as she scored her first live radio interview and landed a spot in the Top 40 Best New Country Countdown of a popular Rhode Island country radio show host. In addition to making the Top 40 list, Lauren was asked to play live in studio. She played a countrified version of Adele’s Someone Like You

The song “Love and Bullets” grabbed the attention of listeners and The Iceman, Bobby Golomboski, of, who also played the track during his interview with Lauren on January 19. The track is one of five on her debut, self-titled EP, which was released in 2011.

Lauren announced that she and Nashville producer Shay Watson are working on song selection for her third EP with recording to start in May. Home, Lauren’s second EP, was released in late 2013.

A junior at Marymount Manhattan College, Lauren told The Iceman she’s focused on finishing college rather than touring but continues to write songs and play the guitar, “getting ready to go at it.”

Her studies as a musical theater major also support her development as a country music artist, she said.

“Right now success for me is not necessarily being famous, but getting grassroots support and a good social media following, getting it out there as soon as possible but keep it small while in college.”

Like The Iceman, Lauren is a Rhode Island native. She told the radio personality that Carrie Underwood was an early inspiration in picking country as the genre to pursue and continues to be so.

“What I like is the family aspect of country music,” Lauren said. “Everyone supports each other and raises each other up.”

The Iceman’s The Top 40 New Country Artist Countdown show airs live on Mondays at 7 p.m. Central (8 p.m. Eastern Time).